The Story of REACH

Lance and Marcee Foster have always had a passion for Humanitarian work.  For years; they have taken their family to the far corners of the world serving.  They have long had the dream of starting a non profit to provide humanitarian aid to those most in need. 

That non profit is REACH Humanity.
“Revive. Educate. Awaken. Connect. Humanity.”

While REACH Humanity has been in the works for years; the timing has been right to start it now.   The goal of REACH Humanity is to raise funds and awareness and then travel right into the heart of the crisis; those parts of the world that have been ravaged by war, natural disasters, political unrest or extreme poverty.  We want to lift and serve where the need is acute and the impact immediate. 

Following an overwhelming feeling to travel to Poland to help with the Ukrainian refugees; the Foster family realized with absolutely clarity that the need is overwhelming.  Women and children are fleeing with the clothes on their backs to a place that really isn’t equipped to handle them.  Generous donations have poured in from friends, family and strangers.  But the need remains vast.

Now; REACH Ukraine has become the first project of REACH Humanity.  While we are learning and adapting our mission in real time.  The impact that we have had through generous online donations and an amazing army of boots on the ground volunteers has been overwhelming.   

We hope to continue our efforts as we build out our infrastructure and fundraising ability past our own community.  The structure is being put in place to create a lasting organization that will be able to impact those in need for years to come.  Please join us on this journey.  We have been able to serve many but there are SO many more in need of help. Our help.

Here at REACH we have one goal; to provide as much relief as possible to as many people as possible for as long as necessary.