Reach: Ukraine

Giving Hope,
one refugee at a time.

REACH: Ukraine has become the first project of REACH Humanity.

Since March 2022, REACH Humanity has been able to provide help to the Ukrainian Refugees. Through generous donations of family, friends, and strangers; a framework of volunteers has been built and REACH Humanity has been able to provide help. Immediate & acute needs are being met in real time the Ukrainian refugees as they cross the border into Poland.

How REACH Humanity is currently helping the Ukrainian Refugees:

  • Transportation, suitcases, temporary housing, & supplies given to
    refugees day and night.
  • We’ve partnered with a suitcase vendor who is supplying suitcases
    to us in Krakow, Poland for immediate delivery to the refugees
    coming across the border
  • Long term needs are being met as we use our resources & network
    to help settle refugees across Europe.
  • We are providing aftercare support to refugees who return to Poland when their plans in other places have fallen through.

We recognize that help comes in all shapes and sizes.  Whether your donation is financial, volunteering your time and talents or traveling with us to Poland; it is ALL needed and necessary. 

Here at REACH we have one goal; to provide as much relief as possible to as many people as we are able for as long as necessary. Thank you for supporting the people of the Ukraine!! 

-Lance & Marcee Foster

None of this would be possible without the generous donations of family, friends, and strangers.